About Us

Our Mission: “To become the premier anti-bullying company, providing outreach to students, guardians, and administrators”

Deep Nerd Magazine, the flagship publication of The Deep Nerd Organization,  is  dedicated to raising awareness of bullying in all of its many forms and making resources available for those who find themselves on the receiving end of bullying behavior.

Located in North Texas, Deep Nerd Magazine was founded in 2015, and maintains a focus on writing that covers self empowerment and bullying awareness. Demarcus Roberts, founder of The Deep Nerd Organization, created his company in order to give passionate writers a place to not only express themselves, but also a place to share their perspectives and experiences.  In time, The Deep Nerd Organization will become the main resource that those seeking assistance may turn to should a need arise.


How you can help

Deep Nerd has a mission to become the premier Anti-Bullying Company in the world. Show your support by snatching T-shirt before they're gone!